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custom play cards.

How does one make a workshop more fun or at least fun?
Maybe ask the participants to talk to someone about a great idea that they probably don’t have (“You have 5 minutes to invent the next iPhone. Go!”) and turn a casual 5 minutes into an awkward eternity?
Or you could hand them a deck of cards and they can come up with something great together, while they are having fun.

We made these cards to give the facilitators a tool that will truly involve the participants in the workshop, which encourages teamwork, brainstorming and problem-solving. The game is presenting ‘random’ situations and scenarios to the players where they need to come up with their own solutions, ranging from creating in-store ads for shops to AR marketing products.
It also breaks ice, THE ice.

My task was to visualize this tool by giving it a fun, boardgame-like feel while keeping its functionality intact. The four categories (location, gadget, interests or occupation) were colour coded with Innovation Lab’s stylized logo on the backside for better usability.
Instead of overly limited photographs on the cards, stock icons are used which enables players to associate more freely without being too specific.
The game was a big success during past workshops and therefore it already became a staple tool for Innovation Lab going forward.

Innovation Lab
Graphic design, motion design
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