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one man wolfpack.

ŌKAMI is an art-wear brand I’ve created in 2015 while living in Tokyo, Japan.

I always loved t-shirts, but I was saddened that my favourite brands have moved away from their heavy graphical artworks to simpler designs and became less exciting, for me at least. So I set out to create my own brand that would carry on the values that made me fall in love with printed t-shirts originally.

ŌKAMI has an ‘art over profit’ mantra, where current styles or trends aren’t a limiting factor. For the past ~4 years the brand has followed a black and white aesthetic and the designs are all based around a wolf, which is what the name stands for in Japanese.

I have developed and photographed 8 collections so far, but the project is ongoing, there is always more to come.

Branding, Identity, Illustration, Photography
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