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manual illustrations.

liiteGuard is a Danish sports brand that is selling compression socks that can reduce stiffness and muscle aches. But they also developed a unique mouldable shinguard that can be fully customized to the athlete’s body.
The product was already great, but there are a few crucial steps that the customer needs to follow to customize their shinguards when they receive them.

liiteGuard created a video tutorial, which is obviously available online, but they also wanted to include the explanation of the steps as a part of the packaging.
They tasked me to create a series of illustrations that explain how to mould the guards to the leg.

Initially, we considered two different stylistic directions, but in the end, a line drawing style was chosen. The illustrations closely follow the video tutorial and the steps were broken into 11 parts. I kept the illustrations very simple, without much detail, as they had to fulfil a very specific task: illustrate the moulding steps in a very clean and understandable way.

graphic design and illustration
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