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Demolab runs with a very unique business concept, but this uniqueness wasn’t represented visually in their online and offline communication.
So they reached out to me to help them find a new visual identity.

They are a technology-showcase company that is at the forefront of innovative tech in Denmark. Demolab brings experimental gadgets, supermaterials and prototypes of soon to be consumer goods to a tangible roadshow experience to their clients. They do not just show the products, but they share the stories and ideas how the companies created their gadgets, to further inspire and inform.

It was clear from our first conversation that Demolab is not ‘just another tech company’, therefore we didn’t want to wander off into the world of countless blue-white tech identities. With this identity, we wanted to show the connection of the products, their stories and how Demolab actually chooses to showcase them to their own clients. The colours represent an organic feel as technological advancements are a part of our everyday lives while remaining mysterious until they become widely available.

Now their new identity is reflected on their contracts, in printouts, in their SoMe and other online uses. The identity utilizes a new logo which shows a modern cohesiveness that will champion the brand ongoing.

Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design
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