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a place to experiment.

CREATE is a workshop which was established by the Business Academy Aarhus, and it is located in their main Viby campus. Its main purpose is to provide the Academy’s students with a place where they can experiment with new technologies such as VR, 3d printing and more. Unfortunately CREATE was heavily underused and most students didn’t even know that it exists.

By creating a new identity for them, it became easier to communicate their values as well as their services to the students. They gained the potential of reaching out to a bigger audience than before by being more present visually.

While this iteration of the logo and the photographs were created and taken by me, the whole project was completed in collaboration with 2 extremely talented multimedia designers.¬†Without Petra Jakubcov√° and Sarah Berglund this case wouldn’t be here, therefore a huge thank you goes out to them for their tremendous effort during this project.

Design, Identity, Branding