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sausages on wheels.

Butchers and Bicycles is an uber-cool bike manufacturing company in The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen. They have a very simple but elegant shop for their cargo bikes, and I really liked their logo, but I couldn’t help thinking that it needed a bit more sizzle for their shizzle if you know what I mean.

They are very proud of their store’s and workshop’s location, so I thought that this can be represented even more in their logo. I used their original logo as a base for this re-imagination, I loved the bowler hat, that I didn’t touch it much, just tightened the sides a bit, the real fun was playing around with the moustache. I went with a less curved and more simple looking sausage for that classy meat look. Now having a sausage as a moustache still might be still too ‘wacky’ for them, but I thought the connection is there: the association comes from their brand name and the location of their flagship /workshop. Accidentally the sausages look even more like actual bike handlebars now.

Disclaimer: this is merely a concept, a logo exploration done by me. I have no affiliation with Butchers & Bicycles, and they did not commission me to redesign their logo. All rights and those fancy lawyering things for their original logo belong to them.

Butchers and Bicycles
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