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explosive words.

8 SECONDS is a startup that aims to help individuals and businesses writing copy that cuts through the noise and intrigue their readers.
Generally, we don’t really read anything anymore, even here I have roughly eight seconds to grab your attention before you move on. (actually, these 2 sentences took you around eight seconds to read).

8 SECONDS came to me with a request to form their values and identity into a recognizable mark: you know to make a logo that they can rally behind.
Their audience is mainly people aged between 30-40 working in marketing roles, but this will extend into a younger group as well: recent school graduates.
I was asked to use a combination of red & black and “communicate a sense of urgency and need” in the logo mark. I’ve experimented with quite a few different variations, but in the end, we arrived at this ‘infinite-8-loop figure’ that my client fell in love with.

Although the company will only exist in a digital form (ie. online), for the time being, technically the logo actually works well in black & white, in a small and huge size as well, just like it should.

Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design